New Lantern


Founded in 2008, New Lantern LLC represents a new approach to innovation by bringing together two different, well-established worlds – the business class and the creative class. Using innovative techniques, New Lantern helps companies successfully mine and develop talent that already exists within their own workforce.

Our approach is based on tested methods and success achieved in high-stakes corporate settings. New Lantern is comprised of professionals with extensive experience from premier global corporate brands and management consulting firms in the fields of people and talent management, performance incentive plans, innovation, change management, marketing, and social media.

Our roots and experience also extend to the arts and creative side. We can provide innovative art and design consultation — bringing together artists, designers and their creations with corporate clients, business professionals and other discerning customers.

New Lantern’s corporate mission is to achieve its business innovation goals through the support and involvement of young and aspiring artists from diverse ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

New Lantern is a business innovation consulting company that leverages the creative power of art and design.