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Welcome to the New Lantern blog. Our goal is to shine light on leading innovators and creative artists, and how your business can learn and profit from them. Companies large, medium, and small can benefit from employees who think more creatively. New Lantern may be just the source of inspiration your company needs to spark more innovative products, services, and processes.

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What is a New Lantern?

Posted by on February 12, 2017 at 8:45 pm

Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary describes the word “lantern” as follows:

1. a usually portable protective case for a light with transparent openings
2. the chamber in a lighthouse containing the light
3. a structure with glazed or open sides above an opening in a roof for light or ventilation
4. a small tower or cupola or one stage of a cupola

A “new” lantern, therefore, provides the maximum amount of light given the glass of a new lamp, lighthouse, or architectural structure is at its most pristine state.

Lanterns have been used for centuries to provide a source of light to guide those seeking a particular path, direct those aiming toward a certain objective, or to generally add light to an otherwise darkened state.

Our goal at New Lantern is simple: shine light on artists, designers, innovators and entrepreneurs from which we in business can learn.

This is what defines our company and our name.