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Does Your Company Need a CDO?

Posted by on March 1, 2009 at 2:31 pm

Does your company need a Chief Design Officer? Maybe, maybe not. But whether or not your company has a CDO, Chief Innovation Officer, Creative Director, or none of the above, businesses generally can benefit greatly by focusing more attention on design, innovation, and creativity.

Better design can give a company a competitive edge. Apple and Target are undeniable examples. Both companies have made design central to their business strategies in building stronger brands, customer loyalty, and greater market share.

Emphasis on design should not be limited to the CDO’s office. Every nook and cranny of the company can benefit from an infusion of creativity. Innovative design not only positively impacts products and packaging, but also company services and internal processes.

Make design a priority in every business division and corporate function. Expose employees to successful designers and creative artists. Spotlight creativity and good design, and reward employees and managers who answer the call to be their own CDO.