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Innovation Workshop and Meeting Planning

  • Creative off-site or on-site innovation workshops
  • Customized programs and high-value speakers
  • Spur new thinking and cross-company collaboration

How to spur greater creativity and innovation within an organization? Let New Lantern develop a customized innovation workshop or seminar series for your executives, managers, and/or employees within your organization.

These meetings can occur at an innovative offsite location (e.g., an artist’s studio), traditional offsite location (e.g., hotel conference room), or onsite – depending on your budget and other requirements. The meeting or event can extend over a two-day, one-day, half-day, or any period in between. Meeting or event participants can range from 10 employees to 500 or more.

Agendas for your company’s particular innovation meeting or event would be tailored to suit your specific corporate or organizational requirements. For example, one workshop could focus on product development and innovation. The next meeting could focus on process innovation. And the next could focus on service innovation. Or, your innovation meetings could focus solely on various aspects of your businesses, products, or services.

New Lantern would secure high-value speakers and discussion leaders, recognized in their respective fields – pulling from New Lantern’s network of influentials and elites. New Lantern would also identify other speakers and presenters from a wide range of innovators – including inventors, artists, designers – all with a thought-provoking and creative approach that could serve to spark greater creativity and innovation for the event participants.

For example, what are the sources of inspiration for a successful and innovative artist or designer? How does a successful author take the seed for a story and grow it into a best-selling novel? And, how does a business entrepreneur take an idea and grow it into a billion-dollar enterprise?

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