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Introduction to High-Value Innovators, Artists, and Designers

  • Extensive network of innovators and creative artists
  • Ignite new thinking from exposure to right-brain leaders
  • Inspire new products, services, and processes

“Talk amongst yourselves” is not a viable option for a company that wants to grow and thrive in today’s highly competitive global marketplace. Through innovative events and meetings, New Lantern can help bring a fresh perspective to your business or organization. The goal of exposing your employees to successful creative artists and innovators is to introduce them to imaginative thinking and approaches that might lead to more inspired products, services, or processes. For example, employees of a multi-billion dollar online information and professional services company might learn something new about improving user experience from one of the hottest computer game designers in the industry.

The spark that might ignite innovation for one employee may be different than what might set off innovation in another. Placing your employees in inventive environments – outside of their daily comfort zones — and around creative, right-brain thinkers will undoubtedly motivate the employee and in turn, provide direct benefits to the company.

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Innovation event speaker, Guy Kawasaki -- highly regarded technology innovator and venture capitalist