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Virtual Meeting Planning and Design

  • Take routine meetings or conference calls to a new level
  • Spark more productive meetings and collaboration
  • Highly cost-effective, yet innovative approach

How many conference calls and meetings do you attend each week? More importantly, what percentage of these calls or meetings do you regard as productive? Most likely, it’s not a high percentage.

New Lantern can help you leverage the very latest virtual meeting tools, using state-of-the-art online software from leading-edge companies like Linden Lab’s Second Life and other virtual spaces. Our professionals have first-hand experience in these technologies and the important role they can play in ramping up the value of your meetings and conference calls.

These virtual tools are highly cost-effective, and can save your company thousands of dollars as a creative alternative to hosting an offsite meeting or flying employees from around the country or globe to headquarters.

These virtual online tools also serve to excite meeting or call attendees, encourage greater and more robust participation, and enhance overall collaboration.

Talk to us today about how we can take your routine meetings or conference calls to a new and innovative level.

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Virtual IBM meeting auditorium in Second Life